Let the Rare Coin Professionals do the Work for You

Online Auctions

We conduct monthly online coin and currency auctions and have been nationally recognized for our photography, auction catalogs, and customer service.

Verbal Appraisals

Save yourself a lot of time and worry. If you would like to know the value of your collection, we offer free, no-obligation verbal appraisals. We make house calls!  By the time we leave, you will know exactly what you have and what your items are worth.  Please note that we cannot give an accurate appraisal based upon photos, lists or written descriptions.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Written Appraisals for Estate or Insurance Purposes

For a formal written appraisal for estate planning, insurance, or other purposes, please contact us to schedule an appointment for us to come to our location. We will inventory your collection and then prepare a written appraisal on our letterhead.  Our charge for this service is $50 per hour, calculated in quarter hour increments, with a one hour minimum.  In the event that at least half of the collection is sold by us, we will refund our service fee.  Written appraisals can be based upon fair market value, auction estimate, date-of-death, replacement or insurance value, as requested.

Grading Service Submissions

We are an authorized dealer submitter to NGC, PCGS, PMG and CAC. If you want a coin graded, contact us and we will be happy to submit it for you to either NGC or PCGS.  For paper money, we can submit to PCGS or PMG.  We can also submit to CAC a coin that has already been graded by NGC or PCGS.  We provide this as a service to our customers and only charge what we are charged with no markups or other fees.  Contact us today to learn more.