Why would you want to sell your property at auction?

That’s a good question. Here are some very good reasons !

Traditional Sales MethodAuction Method
The selling price is negotiated downThe selling price is negotiated UP
It may take months or years to sellThe auction takes place on one pre-determined day so you can get on with your life
Buyers may try to wait you out and hope you reduce your priceNo time to wait – it’s now or never
Private sales may be viewed negatively by courts when settling estatesCourts embrace auction sales as a proven way to ensure fair market value and an arm’s length transaction
May be difficult to get buyers interestedAuctions create excitement !
You will not get more than your asking priceThere is no cap on what price you receive
You take the risk of asking too little and selling too low or asking too much and not selling at allYou can rest easy because competitive bidding will determine the fair value.  Plus, you can place a reserve if you wish.
You will have to negotiate with the buyerOnly the price is negotiated at an auction – any other conditions are set by you in advance
You have to do all the work yourselfOur auction staff will do the work for you